How Accurate Is the Test

The Abbot Alere rapid HIV test is a 4th generation HIV test and is very accurate. It is highly sensitive and is able to detect 99.9% of infections with HIV at 90 days after exposure.

The Alere combination HIV test tests for HIV 1 & 2 antibodies as well as P24: an enzyme that rises early in HIV infection. This helps narrow the window and means we can detect signs of HIV seroconversion (early infection) as soon as 14 days after exposure to HIV.

At 90 days if your rapid test is non reactive (negative) you can feel reassured that you are not infected with HIV.

How accurate Is The Test Before 90 Days?

accuracy of rapid HIV test

Many people come to see be before the 90 days window period has finished. The most frequent question is:

How accurate is the test after a particular number of days?

I made the graph above to show how the accuracy improves over the 90 days.
A quick summary is below:

days since exposure Accuracy Of The Test
1-13 days zero
14 days 5%
21 days 50%
30 days 90%
45 days 95%
60 days 99%
90 days 100%

Please understand that that earlier the test the less accurate the test will be. Your doctor will also discuss with you the level of risk you have had when it comes to infection with HIV.
For example oral sex has no risk of HIV infection, vaginal sex without a condom is a moderate risk and anal sex without a condom can be considered high risk.

Your doctor can help you understand your own particular risks.

We can also organise full sexual health screening at the time of your test. These tests results will be sent to you in 24-48 hours via SMS. If there are any concerns, of course, we will phone you.

If you would like to book in for a rapid HIV test you just need to phone and request a rapid test with Dr George Forgan-Smith

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