What Happens During the Test

When you book for a rapid HIV test, please ensure that the front desk knows that you require this particular test. That way they can make sure that you’re booked in with either myself or with one of the doctors trained by myself.

When you book in for a rapid HIV test, first things is we’ll have a bit of a chat about the circumstances that is around your particular needs when it comes to HIV testing, as well as other tests that you may benefit from.

If we’re going ahead with the rapid HIV test, it’s a very straightforward process. Your finger is gently cleaned, and a small drip of blood is collected. This goes onto a test strip that then takes 20 minutes to develop.

After we’ve got the test going, I’ll get you to pop out into the waiting room. Or duck out, grab a coffee, and I’ll get you back. 20 minutes later, I’m able to give you your results.

If any additional testing is organised, I can organise for those results to be sent to you via SMS. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, these will be addressed in your appointment.

Please, if you have questions, book in, come in and see us, and we can answer all of your questions around HIV, HIV testing, and all of your sexual health needs. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

To book an appointment simply call: 03 8575 6900 and request an appointment with Dr George Forgan-Smith for a rapid test.

We are located at Level 7, 267 Collins Street, Melbourne.

Melbourne Rapid HIV Testing Map